The most stylish conference-, meeting-, event – and sauna lounge has been opened in the heart of the city of Helsinki, Finland.

Roba Lounge offers the facilities and atmosphere to meet even the most sophisticated taste. Roba Lounge has been designed and created with exclusive taste and professionalism by the interior design architect and interior designer.

Roba Lounges´ interiors and decoration make the lounge very unique. The materials, equipment and furniture have been carefully selected, including a completely automatic AV and lighting system (AMX/Helvar).

Roba Lounge is equipped with the latest gadgets and facilities which make Roba Lounge a prefect place to host conferences, meetings, and training sessions. You may also host a dinner party in a modern sophisticated environment whilst maintaining your privacy.

There is a fully equipped kitchen with excellent food making facilities and a complete dinner set for 24 people.

The main Lounge area where you can enjoy a 70 inch screen TV, high quality sound reproduction and a stylish steam fire creating a wonderful ambiance throughout the lounge. There is also a high quality SINGA-karaoke with 60.000 songs to choose from.

Roba Lounge’s sauna and shower area is our gem which we are proud to present to you. There is a spacious sauna, 70 inch screen TV, high quality sound reproduction and a stunning fireplace unit.

We also have an acoustic piano for your use.