Sauna and event package

Sauna and event package

We are proud to present to you our gem, which is the sauna and shower room designed by our interior designer.

The sauna and shower area is finished with top quality materials with a spacious sauna and shower area.
The space also has got three showers, 70 inch screen TV, High quality sound reproduction and an amazing fireplace unit that creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere not only to the sauna and shower area but also to the relaxation area as well.
The relaxation area is very comfortable with marvellous facilities such as:

70 inch screen TV, high quality sound reproduction, and a beautiful steam fire place creating a relaxed atmosphere. There is also a high quality SINGA-karaoke with 60.000 songs to choose from.

If you wish, you may divide the relaxation and sauna area from the main lounge area by using an easy access room divider/ curtain to give you some privacy.
There is also a dressing table, hair dryer and a hair curler.

Our extremely well equipped kitchen includes a centre island, spacious fridge/freezer and an ice making system.
Roba Lounge also allows self catering.

It is possible if you wish, to use a caterer so we would be happy to help you and we would like to recommend our business partners Share Catering, Sweet Pepper Catering, Helmi Catering, Meet and Eat and Picnic.

Sauna and party evening:
From 5.00pm – 12.00 pm Monday -Thursday, Sunday 670 €
Sauna and party evening:
From 5.00pm – 12.00 pm Friday, Saturday 880 €

The price includes the towels (15 pcs) and the final cleaning up.

Friday/Saturday prices are applied on holidays.

We are not required to pay VAT, so it will not be added to our prices.

Full refund if cancellations over 2 months prior to booking date. 50 % refund for cancellations under 2 months but before 21 days prior to booking dates. 0 % refund for cancellations under 21 days prior to booking dates.



You can book the meeting, party, sauna, and representation space from the ROBA LOUNGE I reservation calendar below. Browse the calendar and select the day you want. You can see the available times on the calendar and you can directly make a reservation. NOTE, if the date you want is booked in this space, you can check the reservation status of ROBA LOUNGE II here.
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