Roba Lounge II

The brand new Roba Lounge II is built with the same fineness as its neighbour’s Roba Lounge.

It is beside the sister lounge, the most stylish meeting, entertainment, banqueting and sauna facilities in the city center of Helsinki. Harmonious materials, equipment and stunning details make the space unique.

On the big table you can meet or dine up to 20 people. There are altogether seating for 30 people. The maximum size of a group we recommend is 50 people.

Roba Lounge II has all the equivalent technical appliances and exclusive meeting-, banquet and sauna- areas that are already familiar with the first Roba Lounge.

Roba Lounge II also has a beautiful sauna and bath section, which we are proud to introduce! Relax in the sauna while enjoying the fireplace and good music. In the sauna and in the spa facilities, you can also watch TV. We also have an acoustic piano.

There is a fully equipped kitchen with excellent food making facilities and a complete dinner set for 24 people.

There is also a high quality SINGA-karaoke with 60.000 songs to choose from.

You can also order catering services by following this link: catering services.