If you need catering, we can warmly recommend our partners Share Catering, Helmi Catering and Picnic.

– Share Catering has been a catering company since 2006. Share catering offers customised menu for your needs whether it is a breakfast or a dinner party. See
Contact: tel. +358(0)29 193 8811, +358(0)44 775 1994 / Katri Kirjavainen

– Helmi Catering is a traditional catering company operating since 1992. Helmi catering offers customised menu for your needs. See
Contact: tel. +358(0)40-7616154

– Picnic is Finnish fast casual lunch chain. It is a family business founded in 1990. If you need catering for your breakfast or lunch service, you will find them just around the corner ( Yrjönkatu Picnic) with notification only two hours in advance . Their product range is extensive and versatile. Orders on weekdays from 8am to 6pm.
Contact: tel. +358(0)207590315/ Picnic Yrjönkatu

– Meet and Eat is a new player whose mission is to serve companies by offering fresh and healthy food that differs from the conventional way of cooking. Meet and Eat’s smörrebröd and salad selection is a delicious and elegant alternative to lunch and dinner! Also, their selection includes cocktail sandwiches. See
Contact: tel: +358(0)400 504 570 / Torsten Bergenheim